The Only Jewelry You'll Want To Wear This Season!

Britney Montgomery

Posted on October 13 2016

The Only Jewelry You'll Want To Wear This Season!

So I've been feeling the desire to step up my jewelry game lately. I looove getting dressed in the morning; picking out an awesome pair of jeans or a skirt, finding the perfect top to match. But the jewelry? Well, that's a bit of a different story. I typically grab a pair of earrings and a random necklace on my way out the door and pray it matches.

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But I've noticed something all my favorite style bloggers have in common: they wear jewelry! And not just random necklaces or the odd ring. I'm talking gorgeous pieces that really pull an outfit together. I swear, every time I double tap an amazing Instagram pic or Pin a street style post, I think, I NEED THAT! Enter Traci Lynne Jewelry. Established in 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the amazingly talented Dr. Traci Lynn, Traci Lynn Jewelry is known for beautiful, high quality baubles that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Why am I telling you this? I'm excited to announce that I've become a Traci Lynn consultant! As you know by now, we don't carry anything in the store that I wouldn't wear myself and Traci Lynn Jewelry is no different. I've got a few favorites that I've already started incorporating into my everyday style (pics coming SOON) and I want to share my new discovery with you. Check it out!


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